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Spray Grease

Spray Grease

Grease Xpert Chain Lube

An advanced technology chain lube.
Specially developed for automotive and industrial chain lubrication.
Grease Xpert chain lube has been specially formulated to lubricate the chain for a long lasting service. It has excellent metal bonding, thus reduces friction and wear of metal parts and provides superior resistance to rust.

Grease Xpert chain lube spray on in a foamy greyish liquid to allow better penetration into the pins, links and rollers of the chain.  It also contains special carrier which will evaporate upon exposure to air leaving a solid protective layer of lubricant to protect the chain, even at elevated speeds.

  1. Excellent Penetrating Effect
  2. Excellent Rust and Corrosion Protection
  3. Good Adhesiveness and High Film Strength to Prevent Fling-Off
  4. Resistance to Shocks,  Impacts and Water Washout
  5. Reduces Wear,  Friction and Heat
  6. Excellent Protection for Longer Lasting Life.

Grease Xpert chain lube spray is specially developed for lubricating chains.   It is suitable for motorcycles,   bicycles and various types of industrial machinery chain.  It is also excellent for used on forklift chains,  conveyor chains,  wire ropes etc.
Usable temperature range is – 50 o C (- 58 o F) to 250 o C (482 o F).

Suitable for use during winter, summer, autumn and spring.

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