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Spray Grease

Spray Grease

Grease Xpert Rust Buster

Rust Buster
Effective Penetrating
Rust Loosening Oil

RUST BUSTER is specially formulated to penetrate, clean, loosen, stop further rusting and prevent corrosion.  
The nature of RUST BUSTER special additives package offers an extensive protection against moisture penetration and rust.  It has the ability to penetrate and travel through a wide variety of mediums in order to find and bond with most types of metal. It shield against moisture and other corrosive elements.
RUST BUSTER is specially developed for Household, Automotive, Industrial and Marine Lubrication.    
It is recommended as a cleaner and lubricant for many applications.



  • Excellent Penetrating Effect to Clean, Loosen and Lubricate to Protect Metal Parts.
  • Works even in the Presence of Excess Rust and Salt Contamination (excellent for marine applications).  
  • Excellent Rust Protection. Provides Excellent Protection and Totally Prevents Re-Rusting.
  • Protects Components from Corrosion.
  • Loosens Rust-to-metal Bonds and Frees Stuck, Rusted Metal Parts.
  • Cleans and Prevent Rust on All Type of Industrial Equipment.
  • Excellent Water Resistance with Water Proof Performance.
  • Excellent Extreme Pressure (EP) Performance.  Proven to Last much Longer than Conventional Rust Loosening Oil.

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