About Us

Your Innovative Grease Master
Why Choose Grease Xpert
Grease Xpert products are of high and premium quality. We produced a variety of grease from its raw form to the ready-to-use formulations, packaging them into various types of convenient to use packaging, right down to designing and the printing of attractive labels.


We deliver high quality products and our products are engineered for maximum quality.

Prompt Delivery

Prompt availability dealing directly with manufacturers.

Cost Savings

Competitive prices even for relatively low minimum orders. GX grease and LX lubricant are proven to last much longer than many other conventional greases and lubricants, thus reducing the time needed for lubricating.

Unique Customer Service

Personalized service. We can custom made our products to suit your grease and lubricant requirements.

Wider Selection

We have a wide range of grease and lubricant that simply outperform many other types of grease and lubricant.

Commitment to Quality
The lubricating ability of our GX grease and LX lubricant are formulated from high quality pure base stocks, thickener and special additives package to meet the industrial and automotive requirements. The range of products we manufactured include lubricant with special emphasis on lubricating grease. In-House and proprietary grease and lubricant are engineered in our Research and Development Department.

The company is committed to adapt to changes and continues to invest in new technology equipment and research and development to ensure that our customers benefit from high performance products.
This is supplemented by the quality benefits derived from the sourcing of high quality raw materials. The quality of these raw materials coupled with modern production technology is reflected in the quality of our finished products.