GX Fully Synthetic Super White Lithium High Temp

GX Fully Synthetic Lithium Super White Grease is a specially formulated Plastic Gear, Electrical and Electronic Grease for lubricating difficult applications requiring extended lubrication intervals. It leaves a tenacious film of lubricant to give optimum lubrication and seal out contaminants. The uniform molecular structure of the synthetic base oil minimizes friction between moving parts and boosts lubrication performance over a wide temperature range.


GX FS Lithium Super White Grease is recommended for lubricating applications ranging from extreme temperature in cold and warm conditions.

It serve as a mechanical grease for use on all moving electrical and electronics parts e.g. Plastic Gear, on line printers, keyboards, platens, computerised embroidery machine, small gears and bearings, switches, plastic gears, electronic devices, VCR, cassettes, small moving mechanisms etc."
  • Appearance: Soft
  • Base Oil / Soap Type: PAO / Lithium 12 - HSA
  • Structure: Smooth
  • Color: White
  • Dropping Point: 204 °C / 400 °F
  • Load Carrying Capacity (4 ball weld load. N): 3800

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