GX Lithium White Moly Grease - Robotic Arm Grease

GX Robotic Arm Grease Grease, Robotic Arm Grease is a premium grade White Moly-Lithium 12-HAS grease. It contains special functional additive white moly which will import a long lasting film on working surfaces.It also resists water washing and has excellent anti-wear properties resulting from the solid lubricant effect of the white moly. The white moly also serves as a running in and smoothening agent.


GX White Moly Grease is recommended for high load and high temperature industrial and automotive assembly industries robotic arm machineries. It is excellent for lubricating robot-arm, anti-friction / clutch / pain bearings, chains / conveyer chains and where heavy load, strong vibration and good water resistance.
  • Thickener / Soap Type: Lithium 12-HAS, White Moly
  • Structure: Smooth, Slightly Tacky
  • Color: Natural - Yellowish
  • Dropping Point: 204 °C / 400 °F
  • Timken OK Load: 25 – 28 kg (55 lbs to 62 lbs)

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