GX Calcium Sulfonate Grease

GX Calcium Sulfonate Grease is a smooth gel-like appearance high temperature grease. Calcium Sulfonate grease that has excellent shear stability, good pumpability and has superior resistance to water wash-out. This grease is very stable in terms of oxidation offering an extended working life even operating under high temperature and in wet conditions.


GX Sulfonate Grease is particularly suited for high temperature and high pressure applications in aggressive working environments such as steel rolling mills e.g. roll neck, continuous caster, rolling and plain bearings in paper mills, offshore drilling, mining operations and other applications that requires good pumpability performance and water wash-out stability.
  • Appearance: Semi Fluid to Soft
  • Thickener / Soap Type: Calcium Sulfonate
  • Color: Golden Brown
  • Dropping Point: Above 318 °C
  • Timken OK Load: Approx. 60 kg

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