GX PTFE Grease

GX PTFE grease (Polytetrafluoroethylene grease) contains an optimum amount of micronized PFTE which increases its lubricity - its ability to reduce friction – and fight wear.

GX PTFE provide good thermal stability with long life properties. High & low temperature, doesn’t soil, Non ageing and has extremely low friction.


GX PTFE grease is designed for application with high temperature & sub-zero condition. It is suitable for food & beverages industries, pulp & paper mills, textile and steel mills critical bearings or bushes subjected to temperature fluctuation and high load.
  • Appearance: Semi fluid to Soft
  • Base Oil / Soap Type: PTFE
  • Color: White
  • Dropping Point: 260 °C
  • Timken OK Load: Above 80 kg

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