GX High Temp Silica Grease

GX Silica grease represents a state-of-the-art blend, formulated for critical high temperature performance. This grease has high tolerance for radiation, it provides a long service life in a broad range of applications.


GX Silica grease is highly recommended for use in ovens, hot air exhaust fans, open gear drives, dryers, overhead trolley bearings, electric motors etc. and on other severe operations. It is also suitable for use in lubricating rolling-element bearings in nuclear power plants.
  • Appearance: Smooth Tacky
  • Thickener/Soap Type: Inorganic, Non-Melt
  • Color: Natural / Original
  • Dropping Point: 399 °C / 750 °F
  • Timken OK Load: 22 kg

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