GX Bentone Moly-Graphite High Temp Grease

GX Bentone Moly-Graphite High Temp Grease is a smooth, grey-black grease. It contain special functional additives and graphite which impart a long-lasting film on working surfaces. It also resists water washing and has good antiwear properties resulting from the solid lubricant effect of the graphite. GX Moly Graphite features exceptionally low volatility due to the high molecular-weight olefin polymer base stock. As the ambient temperature increases, this olefin will evaporate slowly leaving a layer of pure highly-refined graphite residue on the metallic surfaces thus preventing metal to metal contact.


GX Bentone MG High Temp Grease is recommended for all industrial machineries for the lubrication of open gears, shafts, CV/Plugging/Fixed ball joints, anti-friction/clutch/plain bearings, chains/conveyer chains and where loads are heavy or where water may be a problem. It is also recommended as a track lubricant and for the cup grease lubrication of propeller shaft bearings in pleasure craft, trawlers etc.
  • Appearance: Semi-fluid to Soft
  • Thickener/Soap Type: Inorganic, Non-Melt
  • Color: Grey - Black
  • Dropping Point: Above 288 °C / 550 °F
  • Timken OK Load: 25 kg (GX Bentone 2 MG)

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